audrey_e (audrey_e) wrote,

Movie 24: Starred Up

24 STARRED UP (UK, 2013)
Dir: David Mackenzie
Cast: Jack O'Connell, Ben Mendelsohn, Rupert Friend...

43 starred up

When Eric is moved to an adult prison due to his aggressive behavior, he is reunited with his father who has spent a significant portion of his life incarcerated.

Despite the plethora of prison films that have been released ever since cinema exists, Starred Up manages to rise above the rest thanks to a flawless script.
What makes the difference is the quality of the relationship arcs. Beyond the unusual father and son reunion, every level of the prison hierarchy is explored, from the helpful volunteer's struggle to be respected by the convicts as well as his peers, to the corrupt wardens.
The cast is also remarkable, and Jack O'Connell's performance in particular glued me to the screen.

Tags: movies (2014)

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