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Book 44

44 THE COUNTRY GIRLS TRILOGY Edna O'Brien (Ireland, 1960/1962/1964-published as a trilogy in 1987)

This trilogy includes -The Country Girls
                              -The Lonely Girl (also known as Girl with Green Eyes)
                                - Girls in their Married Bliss
                                                                              - a short epilogue
I counted this trilogy as one book because it is only a little over 500 pages. 

This is the coming of age story of two Irish country girls, Kate and Baba, their struggles to find their place within the strict Irish Catholic society, their escape to the city, and their romantic dreams and disappointments.

When The Country Girls came out in Ireland in 1960, it was banned because of its honest depiction of female desires and sexuality. Today, Edna O'Brien is recognized as one of the greatest Irish writers of her time.
I had never read O'Brien before and was therefore impressed by the flawlessness of her debut novels. Her trilogy is a harsh critique of Irish society and the limited options it offers to women through marriage. But despite the depressing events she describes, the author never loses the witty sense of humor that makes this trilogy so readable. Through this coming of age story, O'Brien proves to be a master of character development who can smoothly shift tones.
I can't wait to read more of her books.

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